I’m No Martha

  • Post published:12/17/2007
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I’m no Martha Stewart, but it doesn’t take much skill to make a welcoming swag of trimmings from the balsam Christmas tree we cut from our snowbreak. While we were down in the field I took a few extra branches from a nearby pine that included little pine cones.
Many people buy their holiday wreaths, garlands and swags at one of the numerous holiday fairs that benefit churches, schools and other worthy organizations. This is a Good Thing! So is buying from a local tree farm or business, but those who want to make their own can look to the evergreen plantings in their yards. A little judicious pruning won’t hurt most plants and will result in the most local festoon of all.
The fancy wired ribbon is recycled from a 2007 gift. We try to recycle whenever we can.

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  1. Larch Hill

    I’m guessing that somewhere, Martha is saying to herself (ruefully), “Alas, I’m no CommonWeeder.” I very much like your doorway’s holiday sprig and the fact that, sprig or not, your house and garden always appear welcoming indeed.

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