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  • Post published:08/05/2009
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Creating good plant combinations and beautiful color pairings is not my forte.  Obviously I don’t even note such things in my garden because today, I suddenly realized that I had this great combo, a clump of crimson bee balm next to a clump of Black Dragon lilies.  They are perfect together and I wasn’t even trying.

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  1. irena

    you’ve just described some of my big gardening successes…the “wasn’t even trying” variety. your combo looks nice.

  2. admin

    Irena – It’s lucky we don’t have to be trying all the time – or I know I’d get nowhere.

  3. Helene P

    Pat, This to me was a very encouraging post! Thanks for the reminder to keep our eyes open. Lovely photo.

  4. Helene Powers

    Pat, This post was very encouraging to an accidental gardener such as myself. Thanks for the reminder to keep our eyes open. Beautiful color combo!

  5. admin

    Helene – Thanks for the kind words. See you soon at your book launching!

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