Epithalamion – Wedding Song

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Eve and Rebecca

One of my favorite poets, John Donne, made a little money from time to time writing epithalamions, wedding songs for the nobles who wanted to add a little extra dash to their nuptials.  Hiring a poet is all very well, if you don’t have a truly talented, loving and insightful friend.  Fortunately for our friend Rebecca, one of her best friends wrote and read what I consider an epithalamion at her wedding. I will not give you the whole thing, as beautiful as it is, but for this Muse Day I want to give you a taste of Eve’s understanding of love.

“. . .In short, the macrocosm exists only because of the microcosm, and these small individual beginnings must be acknowledged and nurtured in order for us to thrive as a whole.  They start out minute, breaking ground almost imperceptibly, but over time, given the right conditions, roots can split through stone barriers, alter the shape of landscapes, and texture our overall experience of the world.

Our roots remember that we are individuals, with varying needs and specialties, each of us offering our own unique beauty to the world.  But they also remind us that the world is a kinder, more hospitable place when we are planted in proximity to others, able to exchange communication, accept the gifts that we each bring to the hearth, and lovingly provide one another with enough space to spread and flourish.  Only then can we present our best selves to one another, devoid of fear and want.  Only then can we reach toward the light with delirious, joyful abandon.  Only then can we become love.

Greg and Rebecca–

May you always split barriers and move earth, united as individuals.

And may you continue to become love, over and again.”

Eve Bennett

Greg and Rebecca and some of Greg's family - source of roots

Thank you Carolyngail for encouraging me and the rest of us to find a special muse every month.

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  1. Carol

    Joy jumps off the page Pat. I love the song or poem… just beautiful. I love the metaphor to roots … breaking through the earth … better when planted near one another … reminding me of when I had to have some trees cut down and how some nearby fell soon after from shock. The web of roots below our worlds are so interconnected as communities and who can bottle love or label it just for some. Our forests and gardens are family communities too… entangled and supportive of each other, if sometimes overbearing. Love grows deeper and sounder with enough space. Lovely connection and tribute to a bride and groom. Best of Luck to the happy couple. Happy October to you! ;>)

  2. Pat

    Carol – Eve is wise beyond her years. And full of love.

  3. Lisa at Greenbow

    What a deep respect for love this young lady has. Her ability to express this is marvelous. Best of luck to them all. Happy Garden Muse Day.

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