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  • Post published:01/18/2011
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With all the trouble we bloggers can have with scrapers stealing our stellar images it is good to know that there are honorable people all around the world.  I received an email from M. Frederic Douard from a French bioenergy company asking to use my Hawley firewood image on their website. Permission was given, d’accord! And I am the photo du jour!  You can’t really see it on this screen shot, but when the cursor hovers over the photo there is a link to the commonweeder. I don’t know how long a day is on this website, but here is the link

Firewood in Hawley

This is the original image for Wordless Wednesday in November of 2009 – and one of my most visited posts. It is not often that a woodpile becomes a work of art. It was not repeated this past year.  It is amazing how our blogs and images travel around the world – and in this case reproduced with permission. Merci, M. Douard. I am happy to support information about alternative energy projects.


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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    How did I miss this picture?? It is a work of art. Maybe someone got conked on the head taking down the wood for use. ?? I wonder how long it would have lasted if left in this pile??

  2. Joy

    hello Pat and thank you so much for stopping by my blog with such nice comments ! I appreciate it : )
    That stacking of the firewood is a work of art no doubt about it ! beautiful ! and to have this gentleman ask so nicely to use your image must have been so nice to see happening .. yes .. there are not so nice people out there on the net that snatch images ;-(
    I can’t help but wonder if any mice or little animals made a home out of this pretty wood setting ?
    Joy : )

  3. Pat

    Lisa – It didn’t last too long – all burned during a long Hawley winter. I think the owner sells some of that wood.
    Joy – Little animals may very well have made a home there, but alas for them, it could only be temporary.

  4. Rose

    This is a fantastic image, Pat! No wonder someone else asked to use it. I was also asked by a website this summer for permission to use a photo I had taken of a Monarch visiting my coneflowers. It’s nice to know there are still some honest and ethical people out there.

  5. It’s a great shot of a most interesting structure. I agree with Rose: it’s no wonder they wanted to use it.

  6. Ellen Sousa

    That is amazing Pat….I can’t imagine the work that went into that! I saw a picture last year of an amazing pile of firewood: http://www.niagarablog.com/wood-pile-tree-art/

    I was afraid to show it to my hubby because he loves to build stuff like that but if he did, I’d freeze all winter because he’d refuse to let anybody remove any of the wood….

  7. Pat

    Rose – And it is so flattering to have someone find us and ask permission.
    Helen – One does have to give credit to the woodpile artist. As I mentioned, it was not repeated this year. I checked.
    Ellen – My husband has absolutely no interest in building an artistic woodpile. We are waiting another year or two for the grandsons to want to show off their muscles by splitting our wood for us.

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