Delights and Disasters

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Ryan and The Major

With the Annual Rose Viewing only a week away, daughter Diane and her son Ryan came to help with preparations. There were big jobs like working with The Major to gett the tractor and wagon operational to fetch wood, and then be put out of the way. Ryan had to mow the lawns using the riding mower while Diane edged and weeded. And weeded.

While weeding we discovered that deer had eaten my beautiful Casa Blanca Lilies that won first prize at the Heath Fair last year. Every single leaf and bud. Too horrible a disaster to photograph.

Richard Willard at the Silver Daylily Nursery

I nipped into Greenfield to buy  some daylilies at the Silver Garden Daylilies from my friend Richard Willard. Beautiful big healthy plants!  The next time he will be open for business is on July 10.  The Daylily Festival is on July 17 which will include culinary treats prepared by Mary Ellen and Denise of Stockbridge Herb Farm.  When I got home Diane helped me plant Dream Date, Beauty Girl, Brookridge and Fairy Tale Pink on the Daylily Bank which looks better every day. This was a delight.

Charlemont Farmer's Market

On the way home from buying daylilies I stopped at the new Charlemont Farmer’s Market held at the Hawlemont School from 10 am to 2 pm. This market has just opened, but I not  only bought greens, radishes and snow peas and sugar snap peas from Pen and Plow Farm, I got some frozen lamb from Barberic Farm. We will eat well this weekend.

I also bought some broccoli and pumpkin plants at the Farmer’s Market. I wanted to try and experiment by planting seedlings in haybales.  Long ago I planted seedlings in cold compost beds made of autumn leaves pressed into wire frames. I’d make an indentation in the leaves, pour in about a quart of soil and the seedling.  Leaves are very porous so the plants did well, but they needed to be kept watered.  Planting in haybales in similar. I kept the twine around the haybales to hold them together, but managed to pull out enough hay to make planting holes for the seedlings.  I used enriched soil for the planting hole and watered everything well.  The theory is that the plants will gain all the nutrition they need from the rotting hay as the roots spread during the growing season. Next year the really rotten hay will make good mulch.  I have never done this before so we will see. It is fun to experiment.  Watering will again be essential. I’ve placed these bales against the south stone wall of The Sunken Garden.

Ryan preparing to dive

It was hot work, and everyone was devoted to duty, so as the Sunday afternoon temperatures climbed we all headed out to Mohawk Trail State Park where there is swimming in the Cold River. Ryan and The Major were the only ones who got wet. The river is cold! But they had a great time, diving, swimming and sitting in the rushing water of small waterfalls. Diane and I read in the shade, chatted and enjoyed the cool breezes. Multiple delights.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    I am glad the delights overshadowed the disasters. Those darn deer.

  2. Kate

    Like Lisa, I am happy hear that the disasters didn’t overshadow the day. Now where’s that swimming hole?? I would love to take a dip! 🙂

  3. Pat

    Lisa – We picked sugar snaps for supper last night – noting that the deer had also partaken. But I think my Liquid Fence deterrents are working!
    Kate – The Mohawk Trail State Park is right on Rt 2 in Charlemont. A mere $5 for rushing river or serene pool, BBQ grills, picnic tables, shade, sun AND rest rooms!

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