Could You Blog Here?

Designed by Michael Devine of Michael Devine Home

This Garden Blogger’s Retreat, designed by Michael Devine, is one of the sheds in the Living Stylishly in Nature: Re-Imagining the Humble Garden Shed special exhibit at the Berkshire Botanical Garden. in Stockbridge.  Wouldn’t you love to walk out your door and through your garden to this ‘shed’ to begin your post for the day?

Blogger's Antique Desk with Natural Linen Top

Can you tell that two thirds of the back wall is covered with tall mirrors? Swagged with handprinted fabric?  However, I noticed that there is no chic, slim laptop on the writing table. Can it be there is no wi-fi? Neither is there the least sophisticated point and shoot camera.

Oh well, if I have no laptop, or camera (surely there really is wi-fi if only I had the computer) I guess I’ll have to lounge on my comfy sofa and leaf through the books on my faux bois bookcase and think.  Thinking is a very important part of writing and blogging, you know.

These sheds are for sale. Well, not this one. It already sold for $5000. The accoutrements cost extra.

This exhibit at the Berkshire Botanical Garden will run through September as will Sitting Pretty: The Garden Bench as Sculpture. The Benches are for sale, too.  I have to tell you, the gardens are looking their best this year. It is worth the trip.

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  1. Nan

    I’m amazed that such a thing exists! It shows me how many people have laptops. My computer is a sedentary Mac that sits on an old desk, with my late aunt’s quilt behind it. I couldn’t be in a happier blogging place. :<)

  2. Pat

    Well, this is only a fantasy exhibit. It seems like a fantasy to me anyway. I do use a laptop for my blogging most of the time because I find it easier to get the photos on to it, but my other writing is done in our tiny ‘office’ amid piles of books and paper. No beautiful quilt in this room

  3. Mary Schier

    So, no actual blogger uses this? Will they be giving it away at the end of the exhibit? If so, put my name in the hat!

  4. It’s way too girly and doesn’t have a bar — it’s way too inappropriate for blogging.

  5. Tinky

    WOW. I’d love one–but then I’d have to keep it clean…….

  6. Pat

    Mary – no giveaway. the sheds all sell for $5000 and all the furnishings cost extra – pricey because many are antiques.
    Tinky – you’ll have to visit the Cottage Ornee again, and appreciate that it is not a space that needs cleaning. That was one of my goals. I confess we sweep it out in the spring when we open it, and maybe mid season.

  7. Lisa at Greenbow

    Heck, I could live here. Isn’t this amazing?

  8. Flaneur

    Would anyone blogging from such an overblown fantasy be taken seriously? Suddenly one appreciates the Petit Trianon as both practical and appropriate. Your own Cottage Ornee is infinitely more suited to living, to gardening and to entertaining. Your pavilion is a far, far finer and worthier presence in the garden.

  9. Kate

    Now that’s one hot cha cha shed. I could totally blog from that ‘overblown fantasy.’ Sure beats my ratty old deck furniture. 🙂

  10. Pat

    Laurrie – I’m glad you got to see it too. It is amazing.
    Lisa – this ‘shed’ does raise the question of what is necessary and what is luxury.
    Flaneur – You are absolutley right. Nothing more than fluff could come out of this pretentious shed.
    Kate – However, you’d have to take care of that furniture, and be a slave to your belongings.

  11. Carol

    Well, this design certainly takes the word shed to another level. A bit much for me… simplicity helps me think better. ;>)

  12. Pat

    Carol – A fantasy for some, but I think you would enjoy my Cottage Ornee more. I’d love to show it to you.

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