Stylish Sheds . . .

  • Post published:07/30/2008
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What is a shed? Well, our tax bill defines our 15 x 15 foot Cottage Ornee as a shed. Some people call it a summer house, a screened porch, or a gazebo. To us it is pure delight, and I was happy to share our pleasure in it with the ladies at Garden Rant and Debra Prinzing. Debra’s book Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways is a beautiful tome, and a reminder of how many ways there are for a shed to be beautiful, functional, whimsical and green.
I was astonished at how many garages and sheds have been repurposed as offices, as dining pavillions or creative space. I’m a little jealous of Debra’s visits with all these creative shed owners – but, of course, through her book I do get to listen in to their inspiring conversations.
Happily for me, Debra has given me more than Stylish Sheds to enjoy. There is her blog, and her other books. The Abundant Garden is next on my list.

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