Celebrating L.L. Langstroth and His Moveable Beehive Frame

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Lorenzo L. Langstroth – and advice – Bee Yard Etiquette

Lorenzo Langstroth (December 25, 1810 – October 6, 1895) is considered the father of American bee keeping. For the past few years he has been celebrated at the Second Congregational Church in Greenfield (1843-48)  where he created his bee box.

In honor of Langstroth and his bee box

He realized the value of bee space, “a gap size of between 6.4–9.5 mm (1438 in) in which bees would not build comb, nor would they close it with propolis.” For the past few years there has been a gala event in the spring.

Its Important to show bees below the monument.
An instructive honey bee frame was on display for children – and adults – to watch the bees – and locate the Queen bee.
Lady Bees

These young lady bees were making the rounds of games and art making.

Kim Skrym – State Apiarist

Kim Skryn, the State Apiarist gave a talk to explain how honey bees live, gather and make their food – and make food for us.

A woman with drone bees

A woman who came to hear the talk had been given some drone bees. These are the male bees and they will not  give you a sting. They are only waiting around for the queen bee to die – and then  they will need to mate with another one of  the female bees.

Lots of kids and parents having a good – and artistic time.
Another treat – Honey Pie Thanks to MAGPIE.
Even the dog is trying to be a bee.
And there comes a time when we have to walk on home.

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