View from the Window October 30, 2019

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The view from the window is slightly skewed today so I (we) can see the full garden, fence to fence. The river birches have lost most of their leaves but neighboring oaks and maples, along with our chestnut tree have lots of leaves left to keep us raking. There is sufficient overlap you can even see the pails. It is so hard to be cleaning and storing equipment this time of the year. The golden shrub in the…

View from the Window December 8, 2016

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The view from the window shows that we had our first snowfall, just over an inch, but it didn't last long. Temperatures mostly ranged in the 30s and 40s. I guess I am done putting the garden to bed. Our first complete year in the new garden draws to a close leaving us with a sense of satisfaction - and a list of things to do next spring.

View from the Bedroom Window – April 2015

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The view from the bedroom window shows that winter is just not giving up. Snow squalls and below freezing temperatures. Will winter never end? Oh, my. Temperature up to 64 degrees. I'm cheating a little here, but we went to Texas to visit our daughter's family and celebrate grandson's Eagle Scout ceremony.  When we returned it looked like spring might be here to stayl For more (almost) Wordlessness this Wednesday click here.  

Iced April – View from the bedroom window

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The view from the bedroom window shows a world iced with crystal and shrouded in mist. I love taking photos of this yellow birch in the west field. So mysterious shrouded in fog. I didn't worry about all the perennials buried under three feet of snow all during the frigid month of February, but ice on the weeping cherry is definitely a worry. I wonder how the wisteria feels about all the ice. Probably not happy.

View from the Bedroom Window – March 2015

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February ended cold, and March began cold. 10 degrees at 7 am on March 2. The fountain juniper is almost completely covered. More snow yesterday, but warmer temperatures - over freezing. Temperatures are staying at freezing or below - but the fountain juniper  begins to reveal itself.  The only place to find color is at the Smith College Spring Bulb show. More sun, but still freezing temperatures. And yet melting - or subliming - continues.  "Sublime  verb -…

View from the Bedroom Window – November 2014

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The view from the bedroom window on November 3 shows that the grass is still lushly green. Makes us remember that lawn grass is a cool weather crop. The trees in the landscape are all bare, but a clump of hardy chrysanthemums is still holding on. We woke on November 14 to the first snow. I took a poll and one and half inches qualifies as a real snow fall. Animal tracks confirm it. The snow melted some,…

View From the Bedroom Window – September 2014

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August was relatively cool this year, so it should have been no surprise that on September 2 it was 80 degrees and humid. The roofers came to put on a new roof - and were slowed down by a shower in the middle of the afternoon. As the month progressed it became cool again. There was two inches of torrential rain on September 6 - and the new roof is not leaking! Our granddaughter Tricia's wedding was held…

View from the Bedroom Window – August 2014

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A cool cool August. That means the grass grows really fast, even though there hasn't been any rain to speak of. This has got to be one of  the coolest Augusts ever. Nighttime temperatures in the 50s - and often taking a long while to warm up. The one rainfall came all at once. Torrents amounting to 2-1/2 inches on August 13. The Lawn Beds don't change very much, at least from this angle, but the field beyond…

View from the Bedroom Window – July 2014

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The view from the bedroom window on July 1, 2014 shows a hot and humid landscape, but there is a breeze. It's been hot, humid and rainy. The rains are usually torrential - July 4 - 2 inches; July 7 - 2 inches; July 15 - 3 inches during the night. Thelast week of July was chilly, with night temperatures in the 50's. Breezy during the day. A total of another 2-1/2 inches rain on the July 27-28.…

View from the Bedroom Window – June 2014

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The view  from the bedroom window on June 1 shows that the lilacs still have nice bloom, but there are not many flowers in bloom yet. We do move into high gear, pruning clipping and mowing to prepare for the Annual Rose Viewing which will be on Sunday, June 29 this year. The lilacs are in shade in this photo, but they are definitely finished. No hot summer weather yet, with temperatures rarely reaching 80 degrees, and lots…