Could You Blog Here?

This Garden Blogger's Retreat, designed by Michael Devine, is one of the sheds in the Living Stylishly in Nature: Re-Imagining the Humble Garden Shed special exhibit at the Berkshire Botanical Garden. in Stockbridge.  Wouldn't you love to walk out your door and through your garden to this 'shed' to begin your post for the day? Can you tell that two thirds of the back wall is covered with tall mirrors? Swagged with handprinted fabric?  However, I noticed that…

Michael Shadrack and His Hostas

  • Post published:07/31/2010
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 Potted hostas at Mike Shadrack The ‘long bus’ turned so sharply off the paved road and onto a dirt track that all 40 of us garden bloggers collectively held our breath. Fortunately our driver was a real pro and soon we were driving through the woods where Kathy and Michael Shadrack, hosta experts, awaited us. When the bus stopped Mike Shadrack leaped on to welcome us to his home and gardens.  With a nod to Frank Lloyd…

Daylily Tour

  • Post published:07/29/2010
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Now that I have begun a Daylily Bank I have been paying more and more attention to the daylily family.  Hyperion is a tall classic bright yellow daylily. Mine was given to me many years ago by my dear friend and mentor, Elsa Bakalar. Ice Capades, a pale icy yellow, joined Hyperion on my new Daylily Bank last summer. The Daylily Bank was my excuse for buying several new daylilies like Siloam Double Classic. This grows to about…

For Henry

  • Post published:07/25/2010
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Last year I bought 3 golden Henryi lilies and 3 white Henryi lilies from Old House Gardens. The reason is obvious. My husband's name is Henry.  When I was in Buffalo I saw a golden Henryi in Elizabeth Licata's garden - but I didn't recognize it because it was at least 6 feet tall!  I guess I have a lot of work to do on my  soil.  My lilies are barely three feet tall and the stems are…

A Field for the Hungry

  • Post published:07/23/2010
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Ev Hatch will never forget the seed salesman who talked to him about his upcoming retirement.  Instead of selling seeds, he was  going to plant a lot of vegetable seeds, tend the plot and donate all the vegetables to food pantries. Over his career Hatch has planted a lot of seeds, in the ground, and in the community as he worked for the Cooperative Extension Service and 4-H. After his  retirement in 1977 from these agricultural state enterprises …

Doozy of a Dahlia

  • Post published:07/13/2010
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One of the gardens on the Buffalo Garden Walk had many dahlias - familiar varieties in familiar colors. But this dahlia is a doozy!  I'm going to have to research a source.  Has anyone seen this in a catalog?

Mirrors in the Garden – a Trend?

The first mirror in the garden I saw this past weekend was in one of the first gardens. I had already seen gardens with high brick walls that had 'windows' cut into them. When I glimpsed shining light in the wall in this garden I thought it was another windowed wall, which I thought was a charming idea.  When I scrunched down to get a better idea, and a photo I realized I was looking at a mirror.…

Hurry to Hawley

  • Post published:07/03/2010
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Who would not like to live on Pudding Hollow Road? It is clearly a road steeped in the history of Hawley, a town settled in 1760, and a unique pudding contest which took place in the late 1770s.  Farms and food have always been important parts of Hawley’s history and culture so I could not resist the opportunity to visit the newest farm and an old established garden, both on Pudding Hollow Road, and both a part of…

Rose Season on the Bridge of Flowers

  • Post published:06/16/2010
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When I crossed the Bridge of Flowers the other day I was surprised by the number of roses - now in glorious bloom. I did not remember there were so many.  There are pink roses . . . and red roses . . . and pale pink roses . . . and yellow roses.  There are many shades of pink and red roses, and white roses and  . . . peachy apricot roses, a particular favorite color of…

William Baffin – on Tour

  • Post published:06/11/2010
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This is not my William Baffin rose! Alas!  I visited Deirdre Bonifaz whose garden is on the Franklin Land Trust Garden tour on June 26 & 27. Her garden has everything - blooming trees, blooming shrubs, fruit trees, perennials, vegetables, herbs, AND roses! We went around identifying the roses when we could, and admiring them always.  Deirdre could hardly believe that I had managed to kill a William Baffin rose.  You can see what hers looks like. When…