Useful Gifts for the Gardener

  • Post published:12/10/2016
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  For me most holiday gifts for the gardener fall into two main categories, functional and informational. Functional gifts include the necessary tools a gardener needs. We all start out with fairly inexpensive tools, partly because as a beginning gardener we don’t really know how hard a tool will have to work. As we grow as a gardener we come to recognize sturdiness and good quality and buy, or are given, better tools. I was wandering through the…

My Essential Garden Tools

  • Post published:05/04/2013
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When faced with the array of garden tools at the garden center, a new gardener can be forgiven for being confused and unsure of how to decide what is needed. There are all manner of shovels and rakes, trowels, cultivators, and weeders, as well as grass clippers, pruning shears and loppers. Where to begin? How much of an investment will be required? In fact, very few tools are absolutely necessary, as any experienced gardener who finds herself using…

Shame and Glory

  • Post published:10/09/2009
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Regular visitors at May Dreams Gardens know that Carol is an afcianodo of hoes. Her October 7 post was her final Hoe-tober Fest for the year and she asked about the hoes other bloggers use.  I have two hoes that I use, very occasionally, and when I dug them out for this shameful photo it was clear that a trip to OESCO in Conway is in order. I need a sharpener. I can arrange a cleaning and oiling cloth right here…

I Won!

  • Post published:09/03/2009
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Carol over at May Dreams Gardens held a lottery for this CobraHead weeder, but the Cobrahead company was so generous they felt everyone should be a winner. They promptly sent out our prizes and mine arrived just in time to start the major chore of fall weeding.  I am embarrassed to tell you how many weeds my new Cobrahead dug out of this small area - dandelions, grass,  and more. And it took only a few minutes. Of…