Bulbs and Blooms in the Brilliant Sun – Spring Seems On Its Way

  • Post published:01/25/2021
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Tiny yellow crocuses in full bud and ready to bloom

Crocuses are the earliest plants to  bloom in my garden. Several clumps of crocuses bloom under our Lilac Tree, where passers-by can enjoy the spring sight. On this day when the sun is shining  so brilliantly, I can almost feel the bulbs waking up underground.

Crocuses are sturdy and don’t mind the snow.

This photo was taken March 25, 2020. There were other crocuses scattered around this bit  of grass under the Lilac Tree. The Lilac Tree cannot be confused with the lilac bushes that are so familiar. Our Lilac Tree is a Syringa, but it is about 30 feet tall and in June it produces amazingly fragrant white flowers.

Scillas are sky blue.

Sky blue scillas are delicate, but make quite a splash when they bloom in large areas. Photo taken in April 15, 2020.

Grape hyacinths are also blooming near the scillas

Grape hyacinths are an amazing flower. After they bloom the foliage will die away. Then, in the fall after you have nearly forgotten where they live, the foliage will come up, in a thicker clump and remain green until the spring when the blossoms will return. This is a bulb you will be able to share with friends.

These small daffodils bloom very early in the back garden

The fringey daffs are a very  old variety that came from my old Heath garden where  they were growing before we bought the house. The daffodils with  the recurved petals MAY be February Gold. I have to check my lists.

Daffodils in mid-May in front of the house

I’ve planted a variety of daffodils in the front garden, next to the sidewalk, sharing space with the low growing evergreens. They have  increased over time  and look better over year.

Last year I planted a lot! of daffodil bulbs to make a beautiful blooming river in from of the roses we planted last year.    But look what is happening now!

It’s snowing! The brilliant sun left and gave us a quiet snowfall

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  1. Robin Ruff Leja

    You’ve made me hungry for blooming bulbs! But currently we’ve got fresh snow. I don’t mind, it’s a pretty covering for a normally bland winter view. And usually I see some early bulbs by the end of February, which starts tomorrow!

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