Bloom Day September 15, 2012

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Echinacaea and Russian Sage

Today is Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, and once again I am surprised at how much is still blooming in the garden. I am so glad to have this ongoing Bloom record. Echinacea and Russian Sage are in full bloom, as is the pink phlox just peeking in. I have a coupe of huge blooming clumps but no good photograph.

Gaillardia 'Arizona Sun'

The September sun is shining brilliantly on the garden and I am enjoying it on these cooler, breezy days. I wouldn’t mind a little rain however.

Achillea 'Paprika'
Sedum 'Neon' and butterfly

I think this is the first butterfly photo I have ever taken. I am glad to see so many butterflies this year. Last year there were none.

Hydrangea 'Limelight'

‘Limelight’ has survived the wasps that built their nest among its lower branches. The nest fell apart and I can now approach the plant which survived a big haircut by the town plow last year.  ‘Mothlight’ planted some years ago, and much bigger is also thriving and blooming.

'Winter Sunset' rose

There are a few rose blossoms here and there. “Winter Sunset’ a Buck hybrid planted this spring, double red Knockouts, and the amazing ‘Thomas Affleck.’


A few impatiens are still blooming in a rare bit of shade.

Agastache 'Cana'

I planted this hyssop down in the vegetable garden because it  is a pollinator plant.  In fact, I also have a scarlet bee balm in the vegetable garden so I think I have thousands of pollinators.

Potted plants are still blooming, petunias, fuscia, million bells, salvia . . .

The plants have borne up amazingly well this droughty year. For more blooms visit our hostess Carol over at May Dreams Gardens.

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  1. Jason

    Those heleniums are really wonderful.

  2. Rose

    I am appreciating this month of September, too; I know my garden is much happier than it was a few weeks ago. Love your Agastache! Mine didn’t do nearly as well this year, which is a shame because the pollinators do love it. Congrats on your butterfly photo–we have had so many butterflies the past few weeks as well. I’m so happy to see them back; I’ve missed them the last couple of years. Happy Bloom Day, Pat!

  3. Pat

    Jason – I like heleniums, but those are gaillardias – glowing in the sunset.
    Rose – Happy bloom day to you, Rose. I hope its a good sign that the butterflies are back.

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