“Blizzard for the Ages” a Bust in Heath

  • Post published:01/27/2015
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Birch Tree before the "Blizzard for the Ages"
Birch Tree before the “Blizzard for the Ages”

All was quiet and beautiful after a slight snowfall, but the “Blizzard for the Ages” was predicted. Everyone prepared to hunker down. Supermarkets and libraries were unusually busy as hunkering has many aspects. Pots of water set aside along with firewood and flashlight batteries. A state of emergency was declared for Massachusetts and all non-emergency workers  told to stay home.

The snow, a fine dry snow, did not begin in Heath until 10 pm on Monday, January 26.

"Blizzard for the Ages"
“Blizzard for the Ages” 10 am January 27, 2015

This morning I woke to 12 degree temperatures and stiff breezes blowing the fine dry snow off the roof, and across the fields. The “Blizzard for the Ages” seems to be a bust in Heath – for which we are very grateful. The town plow arrived, and we could leave our hill and explore, but I think we will just stay by the fireside.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    Yes, this looks much like your typical heavy snow. Lucky for you. I hope all is well.

  2. thesalemgarden

    Glad it worked out for you Pat. We have over two feet here in Salem. I’ll post some pics tomorrow.

  3. Rose

    It looks lovely, Pat, but the best part is knowing you are safe and able to get out and about. When I was still teaching full-time, I remember there were many disappointed kids when a predicted blizzard fizzled out instead:)

  4. Pat

    Lisa – Not heavy snow at all. Very cold and dry. Lots of drifting.
    Michelle – My daughters and son in the east may never get dug out.
    Rose. – No kids were disappointed this time. School was pre-emptively closed.

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