Bird – Then Birds – Visiting and Bathing – View from the Window

  • Post published:07/09/2021
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Bluejay at the birdbath

The birdbath in our garden is located so that we can look out from the kitchen window and see what the birds are doingl  The birdbath is located at the edge of our energetic yellow twig dogwood which is currently rich with seeds. We understand that the  birds need a little privacy. Our yellow twig provides lots of privacy. We can recognize a bluejay when we see one, which makes us very  happy.

The first bird, a Bluejay, to take a cooling birdbath

The Bluejay was happy to go wading before his bath.

Two birds flew in for their bath.
Two unknown birds – no matter how hard we try we rarely identify birds
Three Birds! It’s a hot day.
Six birds bathing together!
Six birds preening
Busy birds – getting clean and cool and nearly done with their bath.

All these photos were taken in no more than five minutes.  These birds must have been good friends!

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  1. Jeane

    Your birdbath is very busy! So nice to see the feathered friends enjoying themselves. Or at least, getting refreshed.

  2. Pat

    Jeane – We do have a lot of fun watching the birds. During the pandemic we were glad to have some dependable amusement every day – in season.

  3. gardeninacity

    Fun pics. We like watching birds in the bird bath also, the robins seem like energetic bathers.

  4. Pat

    gardeninacity – We do get great pleasure watching those birds, although there is rarely such a congeniel crowd.

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