Acidanthera – A Gladiolus?

  • Post published:09/18/2012
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Acidanthera, now officially named Gladiolus callianthus, was an impulse buy this spring. I have admired it on the Bridge of Flowers and when I saw a bag of ten little bulbs at Shelburne Farm and Garden I popped them in my basket.

Acidanthera is a tender bulb which means it will have to be dug up in the fall – or be treated like an annual and simply left in the ground. It does not have the rigidity of the gladiola at  all. It is tall, over two feet in my garden and delightfully graceful – and long blooming. These have been blooming since early in August and still going strong even though we have had a week of nights with temperatures in the 40s.

They have required no special care and haven’t seemed to mind the drought. You can bet these will be in my garden again next year.

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  1. Flaneur

    The acidanthera is gorgeous, Pat! It sounds nearly idiot-proof, which means I have an opportunity to have in my garden a flower that is stunningly beautiful and graceful. Thank you – this is a revelation.

  2. Have you smelled it, Pat? Especially in the evening, it’s absolutely lovely. I’ve grown these for several years and I never tire of their fragrance and beauty!

  3. Pat

    Flaneur – You could even grow a bunch in a big pot.
    Kylee, I keep forgetting to check for fragrance. I planted them away from the edge of the border. Thanks for the reminder.

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