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Autumn Sunset on Skywatch Friday

Sunset on October 28, 2014

Sunset on October 28, 2014

Flaming autumn leaves have all fallen, but our sunset provides continuing flame.

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Bridge of Flowers Is Sweetly Fragrant

Viburnam carlesii

As I walked across the Bridge of Flowers yesterday I was suddenly aware of a sweet fragrance. Looking around and sniffing first in one direction and then another I realized the fragrance was coming from this Viburnam carlesii, just beginning to bloom.

This shrub is also called Koreanspice viburnam, and the fragrance certainly certainly is spicily sweet. It is not a surprise this is a member of the honeysuckle family. It is not fussy about soil, but I can tell you that the Bridge volunteers keep all the plants well fertilized with compost, and occasionally organic amendments if they are needed. They like full sun but can tolerate some shade. Happily in this dry spring the Bridge can borrow water from the river to supply the irrigation system.

Red and Purple Tulips

The viburnam has pink buds but the blossoms open to white. A very different palette is shown in this large show of tulips.

Light just before sunset begins

When the sun is low in the west it shines on the hills in our viewshed.  You can just see the square green field in the midst of the woodlands. All these years later that field, Cutter’s Field, is kept mowed and free of trees though it has been many decades since Mr. Cutter would take off and land his little plane there. Heath has always been progressive in many areas.

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Spring Arriving Very Slowly

Daffodils at the Bridge of Flowers Entry

It is still so cool and cloudy that I have to go to town to enjoy flocks of daffodils – on the Bridge of Flowers. Hyacinths and tulips, too.

For drama and beauty I look to the sky.

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Let There Be Light!

Sky on January 24, 2012 9 am

Winter skies over the End of the Road.  For more  Skywatching click here.

Clouds – Chugging Along on Skywatch Friday.

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Almost Over

The penultimate day of the year: 26 degrees, still, and gray.

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December Dawns

December 21, 2011

December 21, 2011

December 23, 2011

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Skies and Reflections

Gray skies 12-6-11

A gray day with gray skies,

Deerfield River

and silver reflections.

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Ominous Skies

Turkey Buzzard

During our  visit our son-in-law took us to view the playing fields,  the woodland trails and the new community garden that are a part of Sienna Plantation, where they live. There were no children on the playing fields, but we were stunned by the flock of buzzards enjoying their own game. In this case a dead armadillo.  There were over 50 buzzards near the dead animal which did not seem like a very good ratio, but maybe they know how to share politely.  I was only able to get one photo of a buzzard in this dead tree against a cloudy Texas sky.

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Chasing the Sunset

I can see a lot of sky from my house, but even when I am home it’s hard to catch those tender sunrises or flaming sunsets at just the right moment. A couple of weeks ago I was driving home when the sun began to set. I had my camera with me and I knew I was too far away to get home in time to get an unobstructed view. I pulled over to the side of the road and took the best shot I could.

I hadn’t gone far when I realized the sunset was becoming even more beautiful so I stopped again.

This had to be the most beautiful fiery sunset I had seen in years. But all those trees!  I stopped for another shot.

I was racing home as fast as I could, except for those photo stops, and the sunset was also racing.

I was losing it. Literally and figuratively. No place to get a clear shot of the volcanic reds.

By the time I got home  –   and it didn’t take long  –  the race was over. Only the palest wash of pink left any hint of what had gone before.

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