Sastrugi Finally Forms at the End of the Road

  • Post published:02/02/2015
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It hasn't been a great winter for the formation of sastrugi. The snow has been heavy and wet, not much given to drifting. But this last snow storm brought frigid temperatures and high gusting winds. The result is the first sastrugi of the year forming at the western lip of the Sunken Garden. The word sastrugi is from a Russian word which means snow wave  or caves. We have all noticed them. More now. The sastrugi  shifts and…

Sastrugi – Waves and Caves

  • Post published:02/19/2014
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Sastrugi are caused by the wind's blowing  and drifting the snow. For more Wordlessness this Wednesday click here.

Mistaken Rose

  • Post published:02/22/2010
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I've ordered Therese Bugnet again.  She is a rugosa that Heirloom Roses lists with their Damask roses because of it double form. It is not only very hardy, it is very fragrant.  Unfortunately, the first time I ordered it, the rose that was delivered looked nothing like this.  I confess I didn't notice at first. I forgot what the catalog photo looked like, but I have learned over the years that mis-labelling does happen, even in neighborhood garden…

Sastrugi Collapse

  • Post published:02/03/2010
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This is a perfect Wordless Wednesday for me. Check out other Wordless wonders.

Sastrugi Revisited

  • Post published:01/24/2009
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I have written about SASTRUGI before. This word from the Russian refers to the snow waves that many of us notice after a snowfall, but sastrugi can take many other forms than the gentle ripples in the snow caused by the wind. We have had a least a few snow showers every day for the past week, and enough wind to blow the light dry snow across our field and into the Sunken Garden, created when the old…