Stone Meadow Gardens, Ashfield – More Daylilies

  • Post published:07/23/2018
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I was very happy to learn that Stone Meadow Gardens is a daylily farm near me, less than half an hour away in Ashfield. After checking out their online catalog I zipped right up there this past Sunday. I knew that I would find more than the three daylilies I needed from among the 500 varieties Phil Pless and Linda Taylor have growing. Stone Meadow Gardens is open on Friday through Sunday until August 5. However, you can…

Houseplants and Peeks at Specialty Nurseries

  • Post published:01/17/2015
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Some of us may have gotten  gift houseplants during the holidays. If we are not experienced indoor gardeners this can cause some anxiety. “Now what do I do?” the recipient may wonder when the gift givers have left the premises. I personally think it is perfectly acceptable to treat any gift plant as a living bouquet, which will last longer than cut flowers, but still a bouquet that will have a limited life span. At the same time,…