Greenfield Bee Fest #5

  • Post published:06/02/2015
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The Fifth Annual Bee Fest will be held at the Second Congregational Church on Bank Row in Greenfield on Saturday, June 6 at 10 am.  The event includes the Langstroth Lecture from 10-11 m - honoring the Reverend Lorenzo Langstroth who once served at the church and who discovered 'bee space' and created the modern bee hive with movable frames. There will also be activities for children including a Honey Bee Tea Party and  a Bee Parade through…

Climate Change

  • Post published:01/21/2009
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Temperatures have been in the single digits for days now, but here in Heath, and I think all over the country, we are feeling a change in the climate as our new president takes office. Never has the phrase Global Warming been so positive as we warm to each other, warm to the tasks at hand.We were all feeling the warmth of good fellowship and optimism last night at the Inaugural pot luck at the Community Hall, to…

Love is Sweeping the Country

  • Post published:01/01/2009
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Love is Sweeping the Country lyrics by Ira GershwinWhy are people gayAll the night and day,Feeling as they never felt before?What is the thingThat makes them sing?Rich man, poor man, thief,Doctor lawyer, chief,Feel a feeling that they can't ignore!It plays a partIn ev'ry heart,And ev'ry hearts is shouting "Encore!"Love is sweeping the country!Waves are hugging the shore;All the sexesFrom Maine to TexasHave never known such love before.(Addional lyrics sometimes used)Spring is in the air-Each mortal loves his neighbor.Who's…