Torrential Rainfall, Backyard Flood, Watery Paths

  • Post published:08/09/2018
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The torrential rainfall began late in the day. It was not constant, but when we woke up this morning the rain gauge very clearly said another 2 and 3/4 inches of rain had fallen. There has never been a summer quite like this with temperatures in the 90s and many heavy rainfalls. This photo shows the ankle deep water in the widest path to the back of the garden and the shed. The very large shrub in  the…

J is for Joe Pye Weed, Eutrochium purpureum

  • Post published:04/12/2016
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J is for Joe Pye Weed, Eutrochium purpureum. Joe Pye Weed is one of the plants I have chosen for my new garden because it  tolerates wet clay sites so well that it can be used as part of a rain garden. But that is not the only reason. Many people considered Joe Pye Weed as nothing more than a road side weed. However, nowadays we realize that this native plant with its showy tall flower inflorescences in…