Foliage Follow-Up

  • Post published:01/16/2010
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Pam Penick over at Digging has instituted Foliage Follow-up to Carol's popular Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. I don't have many house plants, and I don't have any that are unusual, but I do like the polka dotted foliage on my angel wing begonia. And its a good thing I like the foliage, because I have gotten very few blooms.  Who has advice for me? Visit Pam and see who has interesting foliage, bark, etc. indoors and out.

Bloom Day – January 2010

The first Bloom Day of the year. The first Bloom Day of a new decade. I wish I could post something really splashy, but I don't really have much in the way of houseplants - but here we go.  I made a trip to Logee's Greenhouse several years ago and the only thing still thriving after all this time is two scented geraniums. Their blooms are not notable. I bought them for their beautiful scented foliage which continues…

Books for the Gardener

  • Post published:12/28/2009
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Just about everyone knows that I am a reader. Therefore there is nothing (well, almost nothing) I like better as a gift than a book.  When I had regular paid employment I always prayed that the day after Christmas would be on a weekend so I could devote that day to reading my Christmas book. And I’ll confess, I often bought myself  a book – for just in case, but I never needed to worry. Here are some…

Life is Short –

  • Post published:02/17/2009
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My jade plant has overwintered happily in our unheated Great Room for several years, but this past year the room did not maintain temperatures above freezing - and as you can see the plant suffered. However - when life is short, the instinct is to procreate! A few branches at the top of the plant are blooming. I will be able to start a new plant or two.

Summer’s Over – for Some

  • Post published:09/19/2008
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There was a serious frost warning last night but the temperature was 36 degrees when we woke. Not even the basil was nipped.However, it seems that it is only prudent to give the houseplants that have been vacationing on the piazza an insnpection for disease or pests, a watering and a good shower. This task done they are certified safe and I bring them back into the house.The census this year is a giant jade plant, a jasmine,…