Garden Tours Coming Up – Save the Dates

  • Post published:06/09/2012
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As we slip into June I also slip into high gear preparing for the Annual Rose Viewing at the End of the Road which is always held the last Sunday in June, this year June 24 from 1- 4 pm. Roses, with cookies and lemonade in the Cottage Ornee. It looks like a good year for the roses, but even when the winter has taken a toll, I love welcoming people to the garden because sharing the garden…

Roses in Bloom at the Flowers’ – and Lepore’s

  • Post published:06/04/2012
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The Roses are in bloom at the Flowers' house - rather the garden belonging to Carolyn Flowers and Jim Lapore. Roses and clematis are starring right now so Carolyn opened the garden today for a special rose viewing because when her garden opens again for the Greenfield Garden Club Farm and Garden Tour on July 7 the roses will have finished their fragrant season. I realized a couple of years ago that the rose I call Apothecary is…

Water and Delight

  • Post published:09/23/2011
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Our area suffered flooding from Tropical Storm Irene and the storm that followed a week after causing enormous damage as rivers and streams overflowed their banks. We have recovered on our road so today I prefer to think about the gentler water in our gardens that calms and soothes.  Here are some of the the quiet waters I saw in Seattle this summer at the Garden Bloggers Fling. Only a big public garden can have a big water…

Lorene Forkner’s Garden

  • Post published:08/16/2011
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Lorene Forkner, one of the organizers of the fabulous Seattle Fling, invited us to her own garden which is not large, but filled with enough plants and art of interest to keep me inspired for the next decade. I cannot help it. It is the roses that catch my eye first. This rose cluster was so heavy it would have been on the ground in my garden, but Lorene whipped up a support. My question is - did…

How I Spent My Vacation

  • Post published:08/06/2011
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Spring and summer, planting and growing seasons, are busy times for the gardener especially when you add in Tour Season. For me Tour Season was especially exciting (and exhausting) this year because our garden was on the Franklin Land Trust Farm and Garden Tour, and then the following week I was attending the Hawley Artisan and Garden Tour, and the Greenfield Garden Club Tour, both on the same day – while many people were able to add on…

Inspiration From Seattle – One

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Compared to Heath, Seattle has a mild climate, and yet gardeners there share some of our problems. Generally, it does not get hot in Seattle. Gardeners go to great lengths pampering their tomatoes in an attempt to achieve juicy ripeness. Shelagh Tucker has a small greenhouse in her sloping back garden, but she also grows her tomatoes in a raised bed sort of hot house to provide the heat tomatoes require. Behind her, in another raised bed are…

Home Again Jiggety Jig

  • Post published:07/29/2011
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I've said farewell to all the gardens of the Seattle area including the beautiful Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island. And I've said farewell to Tacoma with its amazing Chihuly Bridge. I've stored up memories of my visit with my dear friend Kathryn Galbraith, children's author extraordinare and her lovely garden. I've bid farewell to all the garden bloggers like Kylee of Our Little Acre and my dear friend Kathryn. Now I'm at the  very busy Seatac airport where…

Three Tours Today

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A visitor on the Franklin Land Trust Farm and Garden Tour last weekend noted that one of the benefits of local garden tours is they allow us to see what lies hidden behind the beautiful flower beds, fields and forests: creativity, art, industry, history, and strong community. On the weekend of July 9, all of these elements will be in full view as the artisans, conservationists, and creative gardeners of Hawley, Colrain and Greenfield open their worlds to…

What’s Behind the Lion?

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How many times have you driven on High Street in Greenfield and wondered what lies beyond this pair of lions? I will tell you - beautiful gardens. You can see the woodland garden up the hill, but you'll have to go on the Greenfield Garden Club's Garden Tour on Saturday, July 9 from 9 am to 4 pm to see the rest including sunny perennial borders and a unique solution to a 'dead corner'. Eight other gardens are…