Yes, You Can!

  • Post published:09/11/2011
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Our area is still picking itself up after Irene left her gifts of washed out roads and bridges, flooded basements and houses. We have been fortunate here at the End of the Road because we never lost power and the water that ran into our dirt floored basement, ran out politely without making a fuss. We thought our only problem was hoping the popcorn supply would last through Sunday afternoon while we read our books. In fact we…

Eat The View

  • Post published:09/08/2008
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What is more beautiful than a bountiful vegetable garden? Why should the President of the United States be denied such a view? Why should he be denied a meal fresh fresh fresh out of the garden. Why shouldn't he encourage all of us to grow healthful organic gardens instead of arguing with our neighbors over the state of our lawn? Why shouldn't he donate some of the harvest to a DC food pantry?Roger Doiron founded Kitchen Gardeners International…