The Flower of American Womanhood

  • Post published:11/13/2009
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On Veteran's Day the Shelburne Falls Area Women's Club, and the greater community, celebrated some of the women who have served in the Armed Forces. The women on the panel above, left to right, are Georgette Devine (Marines 1944-46), Trice Heyer (Army nurse 1967-72), Sandra Lucentini (Air Force 1988-92), and Sandra Magill who is still serving as a Reservist after 27 years in the Navy. It was luck that we got to hear stories from four of the Services and hear how…

Blooms and the Big E

  • Post published:10/02/2009
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The wind and the rain have knocked the dahlias down, but the colds, night time temps in the 40s, don't seem to bother them at all. The cosmos are bowed down as well, but just as beautiful and healthy. We are at the beginning of the bloom season for Boltonia. The plants have very sturdy stems, about 4 feet tall, and the flowers are small and fringey. Great for autumn bouquets. This rose is also standing tall and…

Dahlia Season – Blooming Friday

  • Post published:08/28/2009
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Katarina at Roses and Stuff invites us all to share what is in bloom on Blooming Fridays.  How many more will there be before the cold shuts down the outdoor show? I'm  sure I have the name of this dahlia somewhere.  The cosmos are from Renee's Garden seeds. Foxy Lady has already made her way into bouquets. Patty Cake has just begun blooming. This nameless hydrangea has been blooming for over a month. I love Red! Especially scarlet…

I Got Lucky

  • Post published:02/27/2009
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In a check out impulse I bought a not very promising bag of bulbs at my garden center last fall. I set them up in the basement where they were very slow to show any activity, and very slow to throw up flower shoots when I finally brought them upstairs. I think my house is so cold that they didn't get much hint that spring, even a false indoor spring, was approaching. But the wait was worth it.…