Farewell from the Columnist of Between the Rows Corner

  • Post published:11/01/2020
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As I write this morning (Saturday, October 17) I am in my so-called office enjoying the view of my garden from the western window, and the lush asparagus fern hanging in the sunny southern window. In this part of the week I am usually trying to make sense of any notes I have written, or finding a whole new topic. Time is running out and I have a deadline. However, today I have a topic but having trouble…

Pleasure and Value of Street Trees – Helped by the Tree Committee

  • Post published:10/26/2020
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Saturday, October 3rd was an exciting day for tree lovers. Word had gone out from the Greenfield Tree Committee inviting people to join the tree planting party at Lunt Field starting at 8:30 a.m. My husband and I dawdled over our Saturday breakfast and then got in the car with bucket and spades. We arrived at 10 a.m. and realized that most of the work was done.  How could this happen? When I spoke to Mary Chicoine after…

Our Last Roses of Summer – Still Blooming for a While

  • Post published:10/19/2020
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My flower gardening did not seriously begin until we moved to Heath and I began with roses. That might seem odd, but as we prepared to leave Manhattan in November of 1979 I read Onward and Upward in the Garden by Katherine S. White, who was married to E.B. White, one of my favorite authors. The first chapter is titled A Romp in the Catalogues. The artistic image that went along with that chapter is “Roses of Yesterday…

Keith Gamage in His Garden of Curves with Welcome to Wildlife

  • Post published:10/12/2020
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Keith Gamage, fireman and gardener, gave me the inspiration I needed to finish the plan for our new garden in Greenfield. We had only lived in town for a year. While we did have some ideas about what we wanted, my husband and I hadn’t fully figured out how to arrange things. Gamage’s garden on the Greenfield Garden Club’s 2016 Garden Tour solved our problem. Gamage has a house and garden very similar in size to the house…

The Autumn Garden Surprises with Color Through October

  • Post published:10/05/2020
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Autumn gardens hold surprising shades of color. Right now we gardeners have slipped into autumn and are looking at the new aspects of our gardens. My roses are nearly finished, but there is still a color riot in the garden. Here is a list of the colorful blooms (and berries) that are blossoming right now and will continue well into October. First there are asters! I think the crowded blue blossoms with very fine foliage growing on the…

Windcliff by Daniel Hinkley and Uprooted by Page Dickey

  • Post published:09/28/2020
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Two beautiful books have come across my desk. Apparently many gardeners are finding the need to leave their beautiful old gardens and move on to new gardens. I can speak to this urge myself, having left my gardens in Heath, to create a compact stroll garden filled with trees, shrubs, flowers and a place to sit in Greenfield. I also needed a garden that would not need so much work. Windcliff: A  story of people, plants and gardens…

John Bartram, Quaker, Farmer, Plant Hunter Right in Our Colonies

  • Post published:09/18/2020
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There are many stories about plant hunters who travelled the world looking for new plants. Ernest ‘Chinese’ Wilson discovered the Lilium regale in China in 1910. Scot David Douglas discovered what is now called the Douglas fir at Hudson’s Bay in North America in 1825. However, there was a plant hunter who lived his life in the American colonies during the 18th century and sent American native plants across the ocean to England. Quaker John Bartram ((March 23,…

Spring Bulbs Need Fall Planting – Time to go shopping

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Fall is the season for planting - bulbs! Gardeners always have to think ahead if they want springtime flowers and it is bulbs that produce that brilliance. I love bulbs because they give us color and hope early in the spring. Since we moved to Greenfield I have planted some spring bulbs. Purple and golden crocuses bloom in March under the lilac tree. I think I should add at least a few more. My snowdrops also bloom in…

Michelle Parrish, Growing Dye Plants

  • Post published:09/04/2020
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Early this spring Smith College was ready to present its glorious annual Spring Bulb Show. However, as we now know, that show never opened. Like so many events the Bulb Show was shut-down because of the newly blossoming Covid-19 pandemic. I was fortunate to visit the Lyman Plant House just before the word covid was heard everywhere. I got to visit the space used for the Bulb Show, but preparations had been called to a stop. Fortunately, a…

Gardening While Older – History of My Gardening Career

  • Post published:08/28/2020
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For the past 40 years I have gardened. Which is not to say that I was a skilled gardener. Even so, it was my excitement about my new garden on a hill in Heath that led me to the Greenfield Recorder. I did not present myself as an expert but Bob Dolan took me on. Previous gardens were very small. My first garden as a young mother in my first house was a little bed of zinnias. There…