Bloom Day

  • Post published:02/15/2009
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The state of my indoor plants, such as they are, makes me long for spring bulbs in the lawn. But alas the lawn is buried under deep snow, fresh snow, with more snow promised. The cyclamen is sprawly, but still going.

This one a bowl of daffodils I potted up in November. I made the mistake of using a bag of mixed bulbs on the sale table at my local garden center. I will know if future to only force the same bulbs in a single container. I think it will work better.

There is always the ever faithful abutilon, which is rarely out of bloom. Such an uncomplaing and undemanding plant. I recommend it. If coral is not your color, there are other choices.
For visions of other blooms visit Carol, the inventor of GBBD, at May Dreams Gardens.

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  1. Powell River Books

    I miss having indoor plants, but with my traveling schedule I am never in one place long enough to keep them alive.- Margy

  2. Carol

    I love the indoor blooms at this time of year. Thanks for sharing yours with us!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  3. Kerri

    You’re lucky to have a still-blooming cyclamen. Mine is either dead or dormant. I’m waiting to see..
    Abutilons are wonderful, aren’t they?
    We’ve had quite a bit of snow melt but more will almost certainly cover the ground again soon.
    I hope you don’t get socked by too much more.

  4. Pam/Digging

    Abutilons are the winter flower of choice in many Austin gardens. It’s nice to see one looking just as cheerful potted up in your home.

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