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Here You Can Find Lots of Things to Lighten Pandemic Days

Aurora borealis

In these pandemic days we can get  depressed, or lonely, but I found a website Unsplash to remind you, and cheer you that happy days will come again. Unsplash has thousands of beautiful photographs for us all to use in our work or to amuse ourselves. Unsplash is “the internet’s source of freely-usable images. Powered by creators everywhere.”

Here is the mystery and beauty of the aurora borealis. I am reminded of the night in Heath when our hilltop house was surrounded by a red aurora. It seemed impossible.  It was magic. I was alone that night and I could not find one person to share this magic. No one  was home. No phones were answered. But I saw the aurora and was thrilled.  I know magic still exists in these pandemic days.

Hearts for Love

Hearts for love are everywhere

I know there is love all around us.

Photo by Priscilla du Preez

I know the men in our life are still fooling around with their computers.

Bluebird – photo by Kaleb Becker  Unsplash

I know the bluebirds have never stopped singing.

Soon again we’ll all join  the crowds at funny festivals!

I’ve got cookies to bake, books to read, online exercise class, walks to take in my friendly neighborhood where we can chat  as we pass, a porch to sit on a visit with friends – maintaining social distancing. What do you have to do during these pandemic days?