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Q is for Quiet on the A to Z Challenge

Q is for Quiet in the garden. The older I get the more I look to the garden for green serenity. Of course the quiet of the garden contains the whisper of breezes, ecstatic birdsong,   the patter of falling rain, and perhaps a burbling fountain. Water is considered to be one of the essential elements in a garden

Burbling fountain

Burbling fountain in Buffalo, NY

Japanese garden

Quiet of a Japanese garden

This  is a section of the quiet and serene Japanese Garden is located behind the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society in the Olmsted Conservancy’s Delaware Park which I visited in 2010.

Reflecting Pool at Bloedel Reserve

Reflecting Pool at Bloedel Reserve

The Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island off Seattle is the epitome of the quiet garden, especially the Japanese Garden and the Moss Garden.

Vista at Bloedel Reserve

Vista at Bloedel Reserve

The day I visited the Bloedel Reserve in 2011 everything was perfect in this quiet garden. Floating mists and soft showers.

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