The Latest on My Wisteria

  • Post published:05/26/2010
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We are practicing doing videos – and the wisteria which is glorious right now seemed like a good subject.

All this bloom is just in time to shade the piazza and protect me from 90 degree sun.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    What glory indeed. I can almost smell it from here. No, that must be the lilac tree in our garden. tee hee. Nothing like a real threat to make a plant snap out of whatever is ailing it.

  2. Amazing what a few threats will do! 😉 Seems to have worked because that’s quite a gorgeous wisteria. I tried growing one in zone 4 many years ago and, after 5 years during which it never grew to more than 5 feet tall, it finally died. No amount of threatening seemed to work…

  3. Pat

    Lisa – I have just learned that Wisteria frutescens ‘Amythyst Falls’ which is much recommended these days because it is not so invasive, blooms at a young age and reblooms ALSO has an unpleasant scent. What a disappointment.
    Monica – Plants can be so uncooperative!

  4. Carol

    I have heard so many people say that once threatened, a plant will come forth with great blooms. LOL… Yours certainly gave you a bounty this year. Enjoyed your video Pat! Beautiful!! I love those sensual fragrant blooms.

  5. Pat

    Carol – It was only a verbal threat. I have heard that you should beat a non-bearing apple tree with a chain to make it fruit.

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