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Surprise Forgotten Under Bedroom Bookshelves

If your housekeeping regime is anything like mine, there are bound to be surprises from time to time. Last week I shuffled the bins of knitting yarns slightly from where they had been pushed in front of the bedroom bookshelves. There under the shelves was a pot of bulbs that I had forced on top of the shelves last spring. And once again I had to cry Life Will Not Be Denied! The potting soil was dry and so was the old foliage, but there were little green shoots.

Mystery Bulbs

I cut off the dead foliage, gave the pot a watering and put it in the sun.  I thought the shoots might really shoot up, but after a week they only look a little different. Not every bulb is alive, and the bulbs that have sent up shoots may not be too strong or vital. Still, there is nothing to be lost by keeping them watered and in the sun. I might even give them a light cocktail of fish emulsion. What do you think are the odds of getting blossoms?

And what blossoms might they be?  I suspect I put miniature daffodills in this pot, but I’m not sure.


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