Promise of Gold

  • Post published:04/04/2009
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Driving around Heath the horrendous damage caused to trees by the historic December ice storm is revealed. The labor it will take to clean up peoples’ gardens is breathtaking.

One neighbor has beautiful old trees surrounding his house and the devastation is astounding. But his witch hazel, Hamamelis ‘Arnold’s Promise’, is blooming, a glorious harbinger of better days to come.

Witch hazel is consisdered a winter blooming shrub, flowering as it does so early in the spring. Even here in Heath where it blooms in March. I love the little twirly flowers. Mother Nature must have quite a sense of humor

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  1. Rose

    Other than hurricanes or tornadoes, nothing is quite so damaging to lovely old trees as an ice storm. I was able to capture some great photos in December of the images created by the ice, but it wasn’t so much fun cleaning up all the broken limbs later.

    Thanks for visiting me on Wednesday. Your grandson is quite a poet! I was reminded of the poem about a book being a frigate–Nikki Giovanni, maybe? My memory’s not too great today:) Anyway, the idea is similar. Glad your grandson loves to read; I think that’s one of the greatest gifts we can give our children, the love of reading.

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