Moosewood in the Woods, Moose in the Field

  • Post published:06/12/2013
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Moosewood AKA Striped Maple

Yesterday we took a (wet) walk in the woods and saw  this moosewood tree. It is more properly known as a striped maple, and more properly still as Acer pensylvanicum. It is a small understory tree, very tolerant of shade, and has very large leaves.

Young Moose

Late in the afternoon, there was a flash of brown passing my window. I ran outside to see what it was. A moose. A young moose, who only stopped briefly to pose and let me get this photo.  Though I saw them both in one day, they are otherwise unrelated.

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  1. Judith C Evans

    That’s cool — great capture of wildlife!

  2. PlantPostings

    A moose! I remember seeing them in “wild” places when I was on vacation, but you have them near your home. Nifty!

  3. Pat

    Judith – I got a little lucky.
    PlantPostings – Moose are no longer uncommon in our area.
    Sarah – I often have a mature moose visit my pussy willow in early spring for a chomp or two. Then he avoids me. This was a young moose.

  4. Donna

    Moose is a critter I would never see in the wild. I can imagine they would be worse than deer visiting the garden though.

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