Worm Update

  • Post published:07/22/2009
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The worm farm is celebrating its first anniversary. A year ago the grandsons helped set up the worm bin, drilling air and drainage holes, and putting in rotting leaves, compost and a little soil.  All of that was really unnecessary; red wigglers are not the earthworms that live in our gardens. Red wigglers are happy with damp shredded newspaper. We started with one pound or about 1000 baby worms.  The worm bin lived outside into the fall on the…

Boy, Worms and Chores

  • Post published:02/20/2009
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Rory has come to visit during school vacation and the chores begin. We found out the worms are not dead after all. At least not all of them, so we have to feed them eggshells to help reproduction, and squash flesh and seeds. If you look really closely you can see a couple of worms in their last meal. We also saw very very tiny worms, so I guess the eggshells work. We are not the only ones…

Boy Number 4

  • Post published:08/06/2008
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Tynan Matthews arrived for his turn at End of the Road Farm. Anthony and Drew took him out into the field to show him the tree fort. Tynan made himself right at home.Of course, Tynan wanted to do everything the other boys did. He made chocolate chip cookies. Why is it that boys always want to bake chocolate chip cookies. Ty made one that was six inches across. We ate it so fast we didn't even get a…

Another Day, 2 More Boys

  • Post published:07/26/2008
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Anthony (almost 12) and Drew (10) up from Texas joined Rory. They found out there is a LOT to do at the End of the Road. Put away those cards!Rory started working on the worm farm. Now it's Anthony's turn to drill some air holes.Drew wasn't sure he liked the drill, but he took his turn and did his duty. Of course, there is more to a worm farm than a bin and air holes.We took a trip…

Rory’s First Day

  • Post published:07/23/2008
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Rory has arrived to spend nearly a week with Granny and The Major. There is a lot to do here at End of the Road Farm. I just bought a new plastic trash can so that I can make compost tea. Rory and I used Kathy Puckett's recipe which mixes bunny pellets (alfalfa) and Epsom salts in water. I used 12 cups of pellets with 3 cups of Epsom salts. Rory measured and stirred. Rory likes hiking so…