Ice Damage Continues

  • Post published:12/19/2008
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Coming home from working at Heath's Emergency Shelter yesterday, I had to come the long way home because of power trucks still working on our road. I had to pass this spot on Rowe Road where the landowners had cleared a large field providing a magnificent view west to Mount Greylock. No matter the season or hour, the view of field, mountain and sky is always breathtaking. This major limb on our ancient apple tree didn't come down…

Heath’s Ice Storm

Even the workers from Verizon and National grid must have seen some of the beauty through the damage that the heavy ice caused. We were fortunate that there was no wind, even though it was very cold, or even more damage would have been caused and the workers would have had much more trouble.This yellow birch is a tree I love and I have often photographed it. It was so beautiful in the rosy light, but it was…

Ice Storm!

  • Post published:12/13/2008
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All day Thursday the ice and rain fell out of the sky. The dirt road seemed impassable. Henry telecommuted. A first. By the time the blue hour arrived the radio told us that the ice storm was intensifying. Henry, always expecting the worst, filled the bathtub with water, as well as a couple of large stock pots. I brought in more firewood.At 9:30 the power went out, shortly followed by the telephone. Fortunately, we are experienced with Heath…