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Ice Damage Continues

Coming home from working at Heath’s Emergency Shelter yesterday, I had to come the long way home because of power trucks still working on our road. I had to pass this spot on Rowe Road where the landowners had cleared a large field providing a magnificent view west to Mount Greylock. No matter the season or hour, the view of field, mountain and sky is always breathtaking.

This major limb on our ancient apple tree didn’t come down immediately during the ice storm, but it finally tumbled, waiting for my inspection when I finally made it home. I’ll have to take a picture in the light; the damage from a storm two years ago will also be very clear. We placed our Cottage Ornee in the shelter of this apple, but the shelter is becoming less and less. It still gives a good crop of apples, though.
For more fabulous photos of the sky go to Skywatch Friday.

Heath’s Ice Storm

Even the workers from Verizon and National grid must have seen some of the beauty through the damage that the heavy ice caused. We were fortunate that there was no wind, even though it was very cold, or even more damage would have been caused and the workers would have had much more trouble.

This yellow birch is a tree I love and I have often photographed it. It was so beautiful in the rosy light, but it was clear that it has been damaged. I will hope that Mother Nature’s pruning will turn out not to have been harmful.

The view in back of the house has never been picturesque, but the clothesline is a goner and the chickens will have much more sun.

On the other hand, the henhouse door has never been so picturesque. To get through I feel I am travelling through the Crystal Forest in the Twelve Dancing Princesses fairy tale.

My poor white lilacs!
Krishna doesn’t mind, so maybe we shouldn’t get too upset.

We can get water out of the dug well in the Lawn Bed for dishwashing and flushing.

And once Henry and friends cleared away the hemlock we could Get Out.

We celebrated our friend Suzy’s birthday and Peter brought the fabulous dinner. I brought the fruitcake birthday cake. No genoise with meringue butter cream this time!

I was too late for the Living Nativity at the Charlemont Federated Church but arrived just in time for refreshments (typical some would say) and to admire Mary and the Baby Jesus.
When I got home the sun was setting, and by 6 pm the Power Was On. All’s well that ends well.

Ice Storm!

All day Thursday the ice and rain fell out of the sky. The dirt road seemed impassable. Henry telecommuted. A first. By the time the blue hour arrived the radio told us that the ice storm was intensifying. Henry, always expecting the worst, filled the bathtub with water, as well as a couple of large stock pots. I brought in more firewood.

At 9:30 the power went out, shortly followed by the telephone. Fortunately, we are experienced with Heath winters and have flannel sheets.

And so Friday dawned. Lots of ice. No power. No phone. Henry helped our neighbors pump out their basement. We can’t get off our road because of a huge tree blocking the way. The gas burners on the stove work, but not the oven. Too bad. Baking keeps everybody happy.

The ice is beautiful. Thick on every branch and leaf. Sparkle. Brilliance. We almost think living in an 18th century world would not be so bad.

Do you know how dark it gets at 5 pm? Eating by candlelight is always lovely. Cooking by candlelight is more of a chore, but our dinner of frozen leftovers, with a few additions, was fine.

Reading by candlelight. Bed.

Henry and a crew got the tree out of the way this afternoon and we raced out to buy a few groceries, crampons and stopped to do this posting from Mocha Maya, Shelburne Falls’ hospitable internet cafe. More details will follow soon.