Bridge of Flowers Is Sweetly Fragrant

  • Post published:04/20/2012
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As I walked across the Bridge of Flowers yesterday I was suddenly aware of a sweet fragrance. Looking around and sniffing first in one direction and then another I realized the fragrance was coming from this Viburnam carlesii, just beginning to bloom. This shrub is also called Koreanspice viburnam, and the fragrance certainly certainly is spicily sweet. It is not a surprise this is a member of the honeysuckle family. It is not fussy about soil, but I…

Record Breaking Heat Brings More Bloom

  • Post published:04/17/2012
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I hope you can see how yesterday's heat - 88 degrees - is making the forsythia bloom as it never has before. We also have a lot of wind which is drying, but blossoms keep coming. All of a sudden the wild cherry trees in the chicken yard have burst into bloom. Last year we gambled on this weeping cherry, bought at Home Depot where I do not buy many plants, and it came through the winter and…

A Surprise on Bloom Day

  • Post published:04/15/2012
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Bloom Day and I have the most respectable forsythia ever. Which isn't saying too much. A little rain would probably have helped. We haven't had any real precipitation since two inches of snow on March 8. The Van Sions, an old early blooming  variety were here when we moved in, have been blooming for a couple of weeks. Now other daffodils are just starting to bloom as well. Lots more to come. Rain would help. I have little…

Spring Arriving Very Slowly

  • Post published:04/13/2012
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It is still so cool and cloudy that I have to go to town to enjoy flocks of daffodils - on the Bridge of Flowers. Hyacinths and tulips, too. For drama and beauty I look to the sky. To enjoy the beauty and drama of other skies, click here.  Skywatch Friday has arrived.

Wishing for Warm April Showers

  • Post published:04/09/2012
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The weather remains cool and breezy or windy.  And dry. I wish we had some of that early warm weather, and rain.This morning there was spitting rain - and snow flurries. There is very little sense of seasonal progression in the garden. This is the single daffodil in bloom, besides the very early Van Sions, but you can see (if you look closely) that buds are showing some color. Over the weekend my husband got all the little…

Monday Record – Leafing Out All Over

  • Post published:04/02/2012
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Shoots are up, plants are leafing out. It is time to start keeping the Monday Record. The only bloom in the garden are these Van Sion daffodils that are growing against a stone wall - in back of the Buckland Rose. I thought I had dug out all the bulbs before I planted the rose here, but I was wrong. I wrote about how I identified this daffodil here. One reader said these were the ugliest daff he…

The Bridge of Flowers is Open Early

  • Post published:03/21/2012
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The weather has been strange, but a benefit is The Bridge of Flowers is now open during the day. Official opening April 1. I'm almost Wordless this Wednesday, but for real Wordlessness click here.

We Have a Winner! And It’s Bloom Day

  • Post published:03/15/2012
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I am happy to announce that Gracia is the winner of Storey Publications book The Chicken Encyclopedia.  Send me your mailing address and I will have Storey mail the book directly to you. Congratulations! Have fun with your chickens. While Gracia is celebrating  with her chickens I am celebrating my snowdrops on this Bloom Day. To see what else is blooming across the  country visit May Dreams Gardens. Carol, thank you for hosting this beautiful and useful meme.…

Sunday Scene – The Bridge of Flowers

  • Post published:03/04/2012
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The Bridge of Flowers is beautiful, even garlanded with snow. However, this fresh fallen snow is melting rapidly and I am looking forward to daffodils. The Bridge is scheduled to open on April 1. Please, no April snowstorms like last year. For more information about the Bridge of Flowers click here.