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Dear Friend and Gardener

About Pat

We moved to our windy hill in Heath, Massachusetts 30 years ago. We considered our climate to be Zone 4, but now I think Zone 5 might be more accurate although the Montreal Express does come roaring across our fields during the long winter. We have lawns, we have flowers. We have berries, veggies and herbs. And chickens. And grandchildren. In June we celebrate with our Annual Rose Viewing and invite everyone to stop and smell our 70+ hardy roses.

When not gardening I’m visiting with gardeners, writing about gardening, gardeners, the environment, and books  — or reading.

My weekly column, Between the Rows, for The Recorder in Greenfield has appeared since 1980. I’ve recently been publishing them on this website with the original publication date. Each is categorized by Between the Rows. I’ve also written for other garden publications and I’m a member of the Garden Writers of America (GWA).