Monday Record April 4

  • Post published:04/05/2010
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The main task for these past few beautiful days has been setting up the new garden in front of the house which gets protection from the wind,  and sun early in the season. I thought I could plant hardy vegetables here and start my harvest early.  Once again I used the lasagna method of starting a new garden.  First I put down old chick house cleanings in lieu of finished compost.  We did not get chicks last year…

Spring at last!

  • Post published:03/20/2010
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The calendar says it's spring, but I can drive past my snowy lawn and only DREAM of coltfoot growing at the side of my road. Coltsfoot, an herb, is one of the very first plants to bloom here on the hill. More dreaming - of daffodils - my celebration of the first day of spring. I'm off to the Western Mass Master Gardener's Spring Symposium. I will be sharing what I learn. On Sunday I'm off to the…

Grow Something New

  • Post published:01/25/2010
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We are only halfway through January so I think we are still in new resolution season.  Now that I am a garden blogger, as well as a garden columnist, I read other garden blogs. One of my favorite bloggers, Carol at  May Dreams Gardens in Indiana has challenged gardeners to grow something new this year. Actually, Carol challenges us all to grow something new every year. It is fun to try something new, even if we never plant…

Stockbridge Herbs

  • Post published:09/18/2009
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John and Mary Ellen Warchol cannot take a visitor on a tour of their display garden without urging smells and tastes.             “Lemon basil makes a fabulous pesto. Taste,” John says.             “Taste this. The smaller leaves are very flavorful,” Mary Ellen says. “Mmmmm. Thai basil really is different. Spicy,” I agree. I did not taste all 40 of the types of basil the Warchols grow but I gained a new appreciation for the variety of flavors that…

Bee Balm – ABC Wednesday

B is for Bee Balm, otherwise known as Bergamot and Oswego Tea is more properly known as Mondarda didyma. It has been used  as a tea for centuries and is still found in herbal tea blends, and other flowery tea blends such as Earl Grey. The Shakers grew bee balm commercially because of its many uses as a tea and culinary herb. It also was used medicinally for colds and sore throats. It is the leaves that are…

Preserving Herbs

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  If any edible garden is going to be a cost saving endeavor, thought has to be given to preserving the harvest. The labor in harvesting and preserving herbs is not onerous, but it must be done in a timely fashion.        Timeliness is essential. Harvest your herbs before they bloom, while they are at their most flavorful.  Cut them in the morning, after the dew has dried, but before the heat of the day.             For  hundreds…

A Thrifty Herb Garden

  • Post published:04/14/2009
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My chives on April 6                 Cooks need herbs. Since the media is filled with articles about the thriftiness of a vegetable garden in these difficult economic times it suddenly struck me that one of the thriftiest and easiest gardens to start is an herb garden. I get dizzy when I think of the money I spent (before I had an herb garden) on bunches of parsley, cilantro and basil and less common herbs that are even…