My Award

  • Post published:01/29/2010
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I've never gotten an award before so I was delighted to wake up to this award bestowed by Tinky of Our Grandmother's Kitchens. Thank you Tinky! She did say there were seven things the award givers want to know about me, before I pass the award along to seven other favorite bloggers. She also said if I was too shy I didn't have to tell all - but I can certainly think of seven things to share. Some may…

Wonderful Winterfares

  • Post published:01/18/2010
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In the February/March issue of Organic Gardening magazine, Gordon Hayward who gardens in Vermont, talks about our ‘food shed.’ I know about watersheds, that protect the quality of our water, and was amused when I heard people talk about their ‘view sheds’ the landscape view they enjoyed from their house, but I had never heard the term ‘food shed.” However, aware as I am of the 100 mile diet, I should have realized the term put me on…

Garden Bloggers Convene

  • Post published:01/11/2010
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Garden Bloggers from all over this great USA, from California to Massachusetts, and from Michigan to Texas and Louisiana AND Canada, are all meeting up in Buffalo, home of the famed Buffalo Garden Walk for the Third Annual Garden Bloggers meet-up from July 8-11. I will be here to compare notes with Kathy Purdy about cold climates, with Carol about dreaming in the garden, with Frances about faire gardens, and with Susan Harris about how sustainably our gardens…

Know Your Farmers

  • Post published:01/10/2010
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It was 10 degrees, but sunny, when I left Heath for the Valley yesterday, joining the crowds who attended Northampton's First Annual Winterfare Farmer's Market to get to know their farmers. CISA was one of the sponsors. Clarkdale in Deerfield had a table right near the entrance, so Winterfarers were greeted by the smiling faces of Tom, and his son Ben.  I think Ben makes the fifth generation of growing premium fruit on their magnificent farm. I always…

A Color Challenge

  • Post published:12/29/2009
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While spending a little time checking my favorite blogs, I saw that Mr. McGregor's Daughter was having fun with David Perry's color challenge.  MMD took Red, Green and Blue photos, but I stuck with red. I'm a sucker for red - all shades. It was fun to look around the house and see what I could use. I took this photo through the bottom of  a beautiful red handblown glass bowl held up against today's brilliant sunlight.

Another Celebratory Giveaway

  • Post published:12/07/2009
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Because it is my second Blogoversary, both Storey Publishing and CowPots are making it possible to have two Give Aways.  Right Rose, Right Place: 359 Perfect Choices by rose lover and expert Peter Schneider will be a lovely and useful holiday treat for any rose gardener, or would-be rose gardener. There is advice here for the experienced gardener as well as for the novice.  I have already added a number of roses I never knew about to my…

The Festival That Stinks

  • Post published:10/05/2009
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The North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival in Orange, MA, has to be one of the best organized, most fun, most educational, most artistic, most inspiring festivals I have  ever attended. It all began with a conversation under a tree, and now, 11 years later 12,000 people find their way to this small town to enjoy a fabulous day in the autumn sun. Or autumn showers as the case may be. The solar powered main stage provides music…

Community Support – Monday Record

  • Post published:08/17/2009
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The Belly Bus came to Greenfield Town Common  on Friday. When I dropped off my donations Sara Cummings of Franklin County Community Action told they had already collected  almost TWO TONS of non-perishable foodstuff and more food was still coming in. Families First brought in their cartons of donations and  other groups were waiting to drop theirs off. The Belly Bus helps stock local food pantry shelves; at this time of the year pantries are nearly empty.  And this…