Thanksgiving 2010

  • Post published:11/27/2010
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Thanksgiving begins in the kitchen. Although I have handed out the recipe, I am still responsible for making the stuffing. The turkey barely fit in the roasting pan. I needed Henry's help. Betsy was the host this year. It's good she has so much counter space.  Here she is, almost ready. I have to say that as devoted as I am to eating local food, I am  happy that we can also eat delicious fruits and vegetables from…

Thanksgiving with Chinese Characteristics

  • Post published:11/25/2010
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I wanted to share a special Thanksgiving memory today. Thanksgiving is a harvest festival, with gratitude for the fruits of the soil that have sustained us through another year. It is also a time of gratitude for the other blessings of our life,  especially the family and friends with whom we celebrate. Sometimes it is the Thanksgivings celebrated far from those we love that have a special place in our memory. As the current news is so filled…

Hay and Pumpkins

  • Post published:11/01/2010
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We are fortunate to live in an area where our children know where their food comes from. We have farms that grow vegetables and fruits, and sheep, beef and poultry. These farms mean there are barns and tractors - and an autumnal hayride. These hayriders came back to the Charlemont Federated Church to make lunches that included local cider and home made pumpkin cookies. The cookies just looked like pumpkins, but real pumpkins were ready for carving.  Parents…

The First Snowfall

  • Post published:10/22/2010
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I'm not sure if this really counts as the First Snowfall for Garden Bloggers, but snow surely did fall out of the sky last night. Yesterday around noon - all of a sudden - the sky turned black and the wind whipped up the leaves to such an extent that I could hardly see across the drive. Then slush fell out of the sky for five minutes. The weatherman called it hail, but it didn't do the kind…

Eating Together

  • Post published:10/12/2010
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The Sunday New York Times Magazine devoted their whole 10-10-10 issue to Eating Together.  Well, the previous weekend the Heath Gourmet Club celebrated its 29th anniversary --- 29 years of serving ourselves.  Michael Pollan wrote about the 36 Hour Dinner Party that he enjoyed with famous chefs and his son in Napa, consuming a whole goat and a lot of really good produce and olive oil. They also had the pleasure of cooking in an outdoor 'cob oven.'…

Epithalamion – Wedding Song

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One of my favorite poets, John Donne, made a little money from time to time writing epithalamions, wedding songs for the nobles who wanted to add a little extra dash to their nuptials.  Hiring a poet is all very well, if you don't have a truly talented, loving and insightful friend.  Fortunately for our friend Rebecca, one of her best friends wrote and read what I consider an epithalamion at her wedding. I will not give you the…

Flower Children Led the Way

  • Post published:09/27/2010
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Thinking there might be a Flower Boy or two, the bride's attendants were billed as Flower Children, but the boys did not appear, or at least not in the procession. I didn't get a photo until they were sitting at the bride and groom's feet as they listened to tales of Amperands, jars of blueberries, roots and fruitfulness, and other things that made the 10 year old boys among the attendees squirm. But to take a step back. When…

We Celebrated!

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More about this beautiful celebration tomorrow, once we have regained our romantic senses.

Autumn Equinox, Moon Festival – Two Cultures

  • Post published:09/22/2010
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Today (or tonight actually, at 11:09) we in the west mark the Autumnal Equinox, when the length of night and day are exactly equal. Since it is the sun that determines the length of the day we could consider this a solar 'festival'. The solstices and equinoxes occur at about the same day every year. In China festivals are calculated by a lunar calendar, which means they are movable feasts, as is the Christian Easter. The most important date in…

Leaves Turning – and My Return

  • Post published:09/20/2010
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All last week I watched the leaves turn, more brilliant, more gold, every day. But this Monday Record is late, not only because my husband and I returned to Vermont to the scenes of my youth, and to help my aunt and uncle celebrate his 85th birthday and their 30th wedding anniversary, but because I had to return to Bellows Falls again today.  I left my purse with my camera at Fat Franks, The Wurst Place in Bellows…