Scent of Spring at Mt Holyoke College Flower Show

  • Post published:03/08/2016
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Mt Holyoke Flower Show
Mt Holyoke College Flower Show

The Mt Holyoke College Flower Show, with its theme The Emerald Isle includes the fragrant spring flowers that we can enjoy in our own New England spring. The fresh fragrance that meets you as you enter the Flower Show greenhouse is the perfume of spring.  I wonder why more of us, including me, don’t think how easy it would be to enjoy that scent in our own houses. A few pots of hyacinths, and may a couple of a particularly fragrant daffodils like Cheerfulness would do the trick!  Maybe next year?  Forcing a few bulbs takes very little money or effort.

The Mt Holyoke Flower Show at the Talcott Greenhouse will run until March 20 from  10 am to 4 pm daily. There is no charge, but donations are always welcome.

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