Happy Anniversary to Me!

On December 6 last year I launched the Commonweeder blog. I had only discovered garden blogs a short time before and I was fascinated by a subject that was commented on at length (I can’t remember which blog) about whether older experienced gardeners were too old to blog or read blogs – and thus help younger gardeners. Well, of course, I never feel too old to do anything I want to do, so I began a new life as the Commonweeder.

It has been a wonderful year. I can’t say I have been the swiftest student in the flower beds or at the computer desk, but I have learned a lot. My garden does show the benefits of what I have learned about plants and issues in the garden and general environment.

Along the way I have been instructed by the Garden Ranters, and even got to be a virtual colleague of Susan Harris for a while at Organic Gardener, an Australian website. Kathy Purdy at Cold Climate Gardening inspired by her example and with her blogging tips. I’ve participated in Bloom Day and Muse Day, First Snowfall of the Year and Blog Action Day. I’m so grateful to the bloggers who invent these days and provide a super way a making new friends.

I’ve checked out Blotanical and all the Mouse and Trowel winning blogs to see what I can learn about content and design. Of course, I can’t begin to talk about the pleasures I’ve had visiting and being visited by garden bloggers all over the world. It has been amazing and delightful.

By trial and error and conversation with techie people in my neighborhood, most especially my own personal tech support, my husband. I’ve learned how to take, adjust and import pictures, add links, run Google analytics (WOW!)
The photo above is our house seen from The Rose Walk, with the flowery mead I call a lawn, embroidered with dandelions, that most commonweed. It would persist, even if I tried to weed it out which is one of the reasons I like it. Beautiful and persevering. Not a bad model.
Now it is on to my second year of blogging pleasure. Thank you, all you readers.

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  1. susan harris

    Happy Blogaversary, you’re a fine contributor to our world, and thanks for the mention. Now I WISH someone could tell us what happened with that little Ausssie website that was paying us so well!

  2. Kim

    Happy blog anniversary!

  3. Carol

    Happy Bloaversary to you, Pat. It’s been great to read Commonweeder this last year!

    Wishing you many more posts in the future!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  4. Hocking Hills Gardener

    Happy Anniversary and we are looking to many more future posting from you!

  5. perennialgardener

    Happy Blogaversary!

  6. Nan Ondra

    Congrats, Pat, and may there be many more years to come. This whole blogging experience is quite the adventure, isn’t it?

  7. Lisa at Greenbow

    Congratualations and Happy Blogaversary Pat. You have done such a good job on your blog and I love reading it even if I don’t comment all the time. I hope you have many more years of happy blogging.

  8. Ann D. Travers

    Congratulations and happy anniversary. A job very well done!

  9. Powell River Books

    Happy Anniversary to you! A year of blogging is an accomplishment. I really love reading your posts and following your links. Thanks for all the special effort you put into your messages. – Margy, Powell River, BC

  10. Colleen

    Happy Blogiversary! Here’s to a great year ahead πŸ™‚

  11. Pat Leuchtman

    I feel like I’ve been at a party! Thank you all for coming, and you can bet I’ll continuing to run in and out of your gardens over the next year. Thank you.

  12. Frances

    Hi Pat, may I offer a great big congratulations on your one year blog birthday. We are nearly twins. πŸ™‚

  13. Nan

    Congratulations! I love the picture of your house and your ‘flowery mead’- what beautiful words they are!- it is the essence of what I think of as a country garden. I’ll be visiting more often this year.

  14. Pat Leuchtman

    Frances – I like thinking that we are almost twins. I hope I find that I have some of your photography genes that may still be latent but will flower.
    Nan – I have been enjoying visiting at your hill farm. Come visit me again.

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