Garden Extension

  • Post published:04/29/2008
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With my new camera in hand I finally went out to document the building of a new garden extension. The vegetable garden had been moved because of an apparent change in the water table and became too wet. It also had to become smaller because of a bad hip.

Now that the hip is new and well healed, it is time to add to the small garden. Last year we added raspberries (just to the right) and now more vegetables. Using the new technique of ‘lasagna gardening, I spread manure and bedding fresh out of the chicken house right on top of the sod, at least four inches worth. I moved about 15 wheelbarrow loads, but who’s counting This manure was given a good watering.

The manure was then covered with large sheets of cardboard, with lots of overlap between new pieces. The Transfer Station was happy to offload the cardboard. The cardboard was then well watered.

This year I have a ‘yard man’, 18 year old Justin who took on the job of moving another 15 loads of loam and compost to cover the wet cardboard.

No more watering was necessary. As soon as this was spread, the rains started. The rain was welcome and we’ve had 3 inches so far – and still counting. Saga of the lasagna bed will continue.

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