Guan Yin Mian

  • Post published:06/03/2008
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After learning about Guan Yin (Kwan Yin, Kannon), the bodhisattva of compassion while we were living in Beijing, and became familiar with the beautiful tree peonies at the Forbidden City, the Imperial Palace, I knew that I had to have this gorgeous tree peony named for the bodhisattva.A bodhisattva is one who is so compassionate she refuses nirvana in order to help those who are still suffering. Guan Yin is often depicted with her magic tools, a pill…

The veggies are in!

  • Post published:05/30/2008
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The vegetable garden is in. It doesn't look like much but it includes lettuce (from starts that should be ready to harvest next week) beets, chard, cilantro, sugar snaps and sweet peas, radishes, lettuce mix and zucchini , as well as broccoli, brussel sprouts, tomato and cucumber seedlings.In the garden extension on the other side of the raspberry patch I have winter squash, crookneck squash, yellow and green filet beans and a potato barrel. It is even less…

Garden Extension

  • Post published:04/29/2008
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With my new camera in hand I finally went out to document the building of a new garden extension. The vegetable garden had been moved because of an apparent change in the water table and became too wet. It also had to become smaller because of a bad hip.Now that the hip is new and well healed, it is time to add to the small garden. Last year we added raspberries (just to the right) and now more…

Earth Day 2008

  • Post published:04/23/2008
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I celebrated Earth Day by finally starting to plant the vegetable garden. No photos yet, but a new camera to replace the one that died is in the works. Peas! Lettuce! Broccoli! I don't start seeds indoors anymore and I'm happy to support my local garden center so in additon to sugar snap pea, lettuce and radish seeds, I also planted 6 Red Sails and 6 Packman seedlings to encourage the garden - and give me an earlier…