Walking in Our Woods with the Mass Audubon Society

  • Post published:06/21/2013
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  I’ve always known we have many different types of bird habitat here at the End of the Road. We have fields that surround our house and the garden. We have a wetland and a pond. Mostly we have woods, about 35 or so acres, surrounding the house, fields, and wetlands. I have walked in our woods. I have taken grandchildren up the lane, part of the old road to Rowe that was discontinued decades ago. The tree-lined…

Franklin Land Trust – Wildlands, Woodlands, and Farmlands

  • Post published:03/06/2012
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We are big fans of the Franklin Land Trust and have supported them in our own small way over the years - including being a part of their Farm and Garden Tour last year. We join in celebrating their 25th anniversary, 25 years of protecting our precious land.  We also celebrate the programs they put on for the public  like this: THURSDAY, March 10, 2012, 12-3 pm, the Franklin Land Trust will offer a special event in conjunction…

The Rose Viewing – FAQs

  • Post published:06/28/2011
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To me the Franklin Land Trust Farm and Garden Tour this weekend was really an extended Rose Viewing. Hundreds of people visited the garden, and many of visitors had the same questions. Some asked "What is that plant on the Rose Walk?"  Well, it's a rose. I understand why some people were confused. The foliage is very unusual, and the tiny flowers don't look much like Roses, but it is indeed an ancient rose. When I bought it…

Rain Didn’t Deter the Crowds

  • Post published:06/27/2011
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Saturday dawned gray and misty. At 10 am those driving up to Heath for the Franklin Land Trust Farm and Garden Tour found themselves driving through thick Shangi-La fog to the mythical land of Heath with its fields and forests, blueberries, maple syrup, its country gardens, its history, and of course, its roses. The air and the grass were wet, flowers somewhat rain battered after a week of downpours, but enthusiastic gardeners came from across the state, from…

Garden Open Today

  • Post published:06/25/2011
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What is a garden for? It depends on the garden, of course.Vegetable gardens are for feeding us. Herb gardens are for bringing us extra savor and health. Meditation gardens are to give us moments of serenity. Ornamental gardens are to give us pleasure. But all gardens can be shared --- doubling their pleasure and utility, of whatever sort. Sometimes sharing our gardens can also support a noble project.  That is what will be happening in Heath and Charlemont…

And the Rains Came Down

  • Post published:06/24/2011
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The rains began Wednesday morning. Two and a half  inches by the end of the day. You all know what happens to peonies in pounding rains. They droop. Even those who are supported by wire rings.  Will they perk up before visitors come on the Franklin Land Trust Farm and Garden Tour on Saturday and Sunday? Will the roses have any petals left? Another half inch yesterday - and showers promised for today.  No matter, the landscape is…

Alba Means More Than White

  • Post published:06/23/2011
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The word 'alba' means white, but there is a whole family of roses named alba - and not all of them are white. I'll begin with Alba semi--plena which is white.  Mine grows in a shady spot which is not ideal. It is kind of leggy, but very pretty. Mme Plantier is also white. Peter Beale says is 'capable of climbing' but definitely not in my garden. Mme Legras de St. Germain will not climb either in my…

Reinforcements on Duty

  • Post published:06/22/2011
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My eldest daughter, Diane, arrived with her middle daughter, Caitlin, and set to the clipping and weeding that Betsy couldn't finish.  Now the Peony Bed is weeded and clipped, the Cottage Bed is clipped and the front of the house is neat because my husband came home early to do a final mowing before the promised rain falls. I was forced to stand straight and supervise. I am very fortunate to have such good daughters - and granddaughter.…

Griffith Buck and His Hardy Roses

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Applejack is the first Griffith Buck hybrid I planted and it has thrived, greeting visitors at the top of our hill as they turn  to our house. It is a large graceful shrub. Griffith Buck became a student at Iowa State College in 1946 after serving in the U.S. Army during WWII. He was in the horticulture program and after graduating with his Bachelor's degree in 1948 and his Master's in 1949, he went on to his Ph.D.…

Couldn’t Have Done It Without Them

  • Post published:06/20/2011
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On Monday I tripped over a hose and fell.  On Tuesday I hobbled to the doctor for X-rays to prove nothing was broken and that the titanium hip was hold firm. The doctor said, "No gardening - for two weeks!"  Talk about impossible. My husband has been out in  the garden every evening, and yesterday daughter Betsy arrived to put in a full day clipping the grass around the roses on the Rose Walk.  She did some other…