Life Will Not Be Denied!

  • Post published:09/12/2009
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Life will not be denied is a cry that goes up with some regularity at the End of the Road, often because some weedy thing is trying to get the better of me. But sometimes . . . there is an example of how nature simply abhors a vacuum. Earlier this year I posted about the acres of invasive yellow flags that grew in an abandoned beaver pond.  Then, during the summer the dam gave way. Stinky water…

Bad Iris!

  • Post published:06/12/2009
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Looks pretty doesn't it? And it is as pretty as many irises one might choose to plant in the garden. Don't! This is the common yellow flag that loves water and wet sites. It spreads by rhizomes, but I found out to my dismay that it also spreads by seed carried on the wind. A friend gave me several yellow flags to plant around my pond.  They didn't do too much, but one day I  found this indestructible…