Rain Gardens for Earth Day

  • Post published:04/22/2010
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The term rain gardens sounds kind of romantic. I imagine something vaguely tropical with exotic blossoms amid rain drenched foliage viewed from a wicker chair on a veranda.  In reality a rain garden can have colorful blossoms, not necessarily exotic, but when the foliage is rain drenched the rain garden is doing its work of infiltration. Infiltration is not a romantic term. I have heard the term rain garden and seen Master Gardener work sheets on building a…

Earth Day 2009

  • Post published:04/22/2009
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 Earth Day celebrations remind us that there is work to do to build a sustainable world – and that we have to begin in our own neighborhoods.  I know of two local efforts.    Last week I visited Ricky Baruc at his Seeds of Solidarity Farm in Orange. In 1996 Ricky and his wife Deb Habib started farming in a woodland clearing. The soil was bad and season was not long, but they did not find these insuperable…