I Become a Judge at the Boston Flower Show

  • Post published:03/24/2012
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Spring was in full bloom inside the Seaport World Trade Center where the Boston Flower Show and BLOOMS! featured display gardens with reflecting pools, landscapes fit for a hobbit, Japanese maples, fountains, school gardens with veggies and flowers, as well as rooms filled with specimen plants and flower arrangements awaiting the intense gazes of the judges. This year I was not attending the flower show merely as an admirer, but as a volunteer judge. Earlier this spring I…

NE Flower Show in Boston

  • Post published:03/10/2008
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Water, water everywhere at the New England Flower Show. There were still ponds, splashing waterfalls, jetting fountains, dripping pillars and balls. It seems we must all have water in our gardens.Actually I remember reading Beverley Nichols over 20 years ago and he said that water was absolutely essential in any garden. I was a new gardener at the time and I couldn't imagine how you could ever manage this and I thought it was a ridiculous requirement. No…

Ice Upon Ice

  • Post published:02/14/2008
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On Valentine's Day some girls get the kind of ice that is measured in karats, but the only ice up here in Heath is the kind that makes life difficult. The walk out to the henhouse might be better made with skates than boots.With all the ice - albeit bright now today, my thoughts turn to the New England Spring Flower Show in Boston at the Bayside Exposition Center from March 8 - 16. Flowers! Greenery! That wonderful…