Masters of the Garden

  • Post published:10/16/2010
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Whenever I have a question about gardening I know where I can turn. My neighbor, Bob Bourke, has been a Master Gardener for about seven years. Since his 60 hours of training he has answered a lot of questions for lot of people, but he has also judged vegetables at the Youth Building at the Franklin County Fair, and built a Question Wheel for the Master Gardeners Fair booth. He’s worked for the Spring Symposium and visited many…

Counting the Days

  • Post published:10/05/2010
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We gardeners are always counting the days - til spring, til time to plant tomatoes, til the  first peas or lettuce, til the first frost . . . I could go on and on.  One good way of counting the days is with the help of the University of Massachusetts (of which I am a proud alum) Garden Calendar for 2011. The Calendar is put together by the  UMass Extension Center for Agriculture. I am so grateful for…