Berries on Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – November 15, 2021

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English Holly

On this Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day I will begin with a familiar English Holly. Very prickery, but beautiful  red berries. Everyone is familiar with English Holly at this time of the year.  However – (more…)

Muscari – Otherwise Named Grape Hyacinths

  • Post published:11/10/2021
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Muscari – otherwise known as Grape Hyacinths   photo November 3, 2021

Three years  ago I planted grape hyacinth bulbs in our new garden. I had never planted Muscari before and didn’t know it’s proper name – or how it would grow. The bulbs bloomed in the spring and I was delighted. The foliage continued after the blooms died, and then died itself in early summer. As  summer progressed I was shocked to see some weedy thing come up. Those shoots grew bigger and bigger and I  thought I must have planted them at the wrong time. I didn’t really pay attention to the notes that came with them. Surely they would be killed by the cold over the winter. (more…)

Father Frost Finally Arrived – But All Is Not Lost

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Knock Out Red Roses

On Thursday morning I looked out into the dark morning and saw frost – first on the frosted  Knock Out red roses. Knock Out roses are very sturdy. This red rose bush has been blooming all season until now. It has been a hard year with intermittent rain and hot days, but this rose has persevered, though without its usual vivacity. I was worried if anything else had survived. (more…)